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Emerson Automation Solutions in Packaging

OVERVIEW Emerson is a global technology & engineering company providing innovative solutions for customers in industrial, commercial and residential markets. Emerson packaging expertise and technologies enable packaging lines in the food and beverage, pharmaceutical and personal care industries to gain flexibility, reduce losses and improve safety. 

MARKET DEMANDS Consumer demand for more convenient products has resulted in an unprecedented level of product variety and complexities for packaging operations. As packagers look to stay financially viable in a competitive global market, they must find ways to accommodate an increasing variety of products while limiting their losses and increasing operator safety.

PACKAGING CHALLENGES• Flexibility – Gain flexibility to meet market demands without compromising productivity• Connectivity – Gain real-time insight into machine / line performance without complexity• Waste – Reduce costly product losses and material scrap • Contamination – Ensure safety and quality in throughput and final product• Safety – Protect personnel and reduce risk without impacting productivity


ASCO Valve technologies and fluid control products for packaging electronics with enhanced control and safety systems and increased connectivity for better line insight and flexibility

BRANSON Ultrasonic cleaning and welding systems that minimize waste and contamination with effective seal and heat removal technology

CASCADE Advanced leak detection and analysis systems to reduce waste and contamination while maintaining product quality and operational safety with high sensitivity

MICRO MOTION Precision measurement and diagnostics solutions to achieve filling flexibility, promote connectivity, prevent scrappage and minimize waste

ROSEMOUNT Measurement and analytical technology for flexible, integrated and intuitive packaging

SOLAHD Stand-alone power systems that allow for flexibility, reliability and improved

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