Wexxar Bel

Wexxar Bel provides case and tray forming and sealing systems for the most demanding packaging operations. Whether it’s increased productivity, reduced labor or improved ergonomics, we are listening and ready to provide a cost-effective solution.

13471 Vulcan Way
Richmond, British Columbia V6V 1K4

Wexxar Bel’s philosophy of quality innovation is one of the many reasons why Wexxar clients remain loyal. Over the years, Wexxar Bel has engineered industry-leading case and tray, forming and sealing solutions. With machines still excelling today from over 20 years ago, Wexxar Bel has proven its ability to provide long term solution-based engineering. Our case and tray formers and sealers offer increased productivity, reduced labor and improved ergonomics in even the most demanding packaging operations.

Wexxarl Bel has over 40 years developing packaging technologies and more than 15 major industry innovations in packaging automation. We are a technological leader in the industry by pushing the boundaries of innovation. The company was built on the reliable patented “Pin and Dome” system and continues to incorporate new technologies in our products to create innovative and ultra-reliable packaging machinery.

Wexxar Bel creates solutions for any packaging need. From simple BEL case sealers to complex IPAK tray formers, the diversity in Wexxar Bel’s product line allows us to serve a wide range of customers from small start-up businesses to large Fortune 500 companies in a variety of industries. Our strength comes from our core distribution partners where we are able to serve and support global customers from 40 countries and a multitude of manufacturing sectors – agriculture, personal care, packaged foods, pharmaceuticals, and more.

In 2018, we are launching the all new DELTA 1 Fully Automated Case Former with Modular Rapid Load Magazine. Equipped with a modular Rapid Load Magazine System, this machine builds on strengths of the industry leading Pin & Dome system with a modular magazine system for infinite expansion. This machine brings unprecedented OEE with extreme reliability, almost zero downtime, and minimal maintenance or operator supervision. 

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