Fortress Technology Inc.

Fortress Technology has been custom manufacturing "Never Obsolete" metal detectors for over 17 years. Our easy to use detectors are made to suit your product and process, ensuring the highest sensitivity levels. Parts, service, support are always availa

51 Grand Marshall Drive
Toronto, Ontario M1B 5N6

Never Obsolete: Fortress Detectors Are Always Supported Fortress Technology continues to provide complete support for their existing systems with readily available parts and a global service team. Their latest technology can quickly and economically be installed in a detector built over 15 years ago, ensuring their customers stay up to date with food safety initiatives without having to purchase a new detector. Optimal Metal Detection Fortress custom designs and manufactures their equipment to suit your needs and specifications, thereby ensuring optimal metal detection within your facility. Service Fortress Technology has built their reputation on providing the highest standards of customer service in the industry. You receive the best, most efficient response whenever you require their help! They have service representatives all over the country to make certain their customer gets the fastest and most reliable service. HACCP/FSMA Compliant Software Included Fortress’s Contact Reporter software comes with Stealth Detection Systems. The USB feature of the Stealth detectors allows quick access to QA reports. A simple plug and play application, it is easy to set-up and use. Not sure if you’re getting the most out of your metal detection system? Speak with a representative at 1-888-220-8737/416-754-2898 or

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